Hope, a Myth Reawakened

“Drawing on impressive knowledge, Hope: A Myth Reawakened weaves a compelling tale about the ingredients essential to there being hope for humanity’s future, despite the myriad daunting problems facing the contemporary world. … Certainly Moats knows what matters, and by the end of her insightful narrative, many readers, their consciousness and concern awakened, will too.” […]

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The Letter from Death

(July 1, ’09 issue of BOOKLIST) “… In her fourth book, Moats performs an astonishing feat. By imagining Death as a patient and suffering entity fluent in human affairs, she broaches matters of daunting complexity with galvanizing directness. … this clarion critique offers an arresting perspective on religion, our “growing militarism,” our “inexhaustible genius for denial,” and our paradoxical failure to nurture our best qualities. … Moats has created a wise, unsettling, and beautiful book.”

Donna Seaman


July 1, 2009

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Legacy of Shadows

“This book will hold its readers close and tight, will teach them its remarkable, affecting and important lesson: that experiences live and last over a family’s generations as memories that shape hearts and minds.”

Robert Coles, M.D.

Research Psychiatrist, Harvard University Health Services. Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Moral Life of Children.

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Speak, Hands

“A simply fascinating read from beginning to end, Speak, Hands is intensely personal, intellectually stimulating, emotionally rewarding, and a uniquely crafted materpiece of creative non-fiction.”

Margaret Lane


January, 2007

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Gate of Dreams

“If you’re looking for a beautifully illustrated book of original stories, The Gate of Dreams is your answer.”

Karen McPherson

Scripps-Howard News Service

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