Speak, Hands

Speak, Hands

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Speak, Hands

A Meditation on Memory and the Unconscious

Author: Lillian Moats
ISBN: 0-9669576-2-8
LCCN: 2005901471
Genre: Creative non-fiction/ Memoir
Publisher: Three Arts Press
Publication Date: 2006
Price: $20.00 - ebook $4.95
Binding: Hardcover/ eBook
Pages: 184

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  • This daring new literary work defies the conventions of memoir by questioning the very nature of memory and the traditional autonomous subject. Lillian Moats negotiates this complex narrative using four inner voices which challenge the distinctions between mind and body, subject and object, consciousness and the unconscious.  Speak, Hands breaks through verbal bounds to transport us into the wordless realms of meditation and gesture.  Combining prose, poetry, psychology, and philosophy, Moats conveys an extraordinary personal struggle that could not have been told with common literary devices.

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    “A simply fascinating read from beginning to end, Speak, Hands is intensely personal, intellectually stimulating, emotionally rewarding, and a uniquely crafted materpiece of creative non-fiction.”

    Margaret Lane

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