Hope, a Myth Reawakened

Hope, a Myth Reawakened

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Hope, a Myth Reawakened

Author: Lillian Moats
ISBN: 978-0-9669576-5-5
LCCN: 2015902533
Genre: Literary Fiction, Philosophy
Publication Date: 9/8/2015
Price: $12.00 - eBook $4.95
Binding: Paperback/ eBook
Pages: 96

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  • Springing from ancient Greek mythology, Hope, a Myth Reawakened invites the reader on a journey that is both epic in scope and deeply intimate in the questions it prompts us to ask ourselves about the nature of hope in a fragile world.

    Both a love story and a modern philosophical investigation, even the essential question of who is narrating the story draws the reader in. We take this journey on the wings of allegorical figures Hope and Despair, as we see through their eyes millennia of human love and loss, and confront today’s pressing and personal questions.

    As with her four previous books, Lillian Moats asks of her reader a quiet attentiveness, and amply pays back that gift. The rhythms of her writing propel us through this timeless allegory, in which we meet characters wholly familiar to us, yet encounter them in ourselves as if for the first time. Full of suspense and insight, this book will speak to readers who think about the world, about the meaning of life and death, and who seek authentic hope in an age of denial.

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    “Drawing on impressive knowledge, Hope: A Myth Reawakened weaves a compelling tale about the ingredients essential to there being hope for humanity’s future, despite the myriad daunting problems facing the contemporary world. … Certainly Moats knows what matters, and by the end of her insightful narrative, many readers, their consciousness and concern awakened, will too.” […]

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