If You Exist

If You Exist

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If You Exist

Author: Lillian Moats
ISBN: 978-1-7367232-0-3
LCCN: 2021905381
Genre: PHILOSOPHY/ Essays
Publisher: Three Arts Press
Publication Date: August 23, 2021
Price: $14.00, ebook $5.95
Binding: Trade Paperback
Pages: 96

IF YOU EXIST: In Search of a Reader Deep in the Future is a private heartfelt message to someone who may never live. The writer likens her missive to “a note in a bottle set to sea in hopes of reaching you, if you exist in the future on some unfathomable shore.” The narrator shares her personal take on where humanity is now and where we might be heading depending on what choices we will make. Wishing that her imagined reader could answer questions about whether the writer’s anxieties have ever been resolved, she writes about climate change and such topics as human migration, racism, the pandemic, as well as her projected concerns about the possibilities of unbridled technical advancement and human redesign. After offering her perspective on where hope could lie, the writer ends her note with her positive fantasy in the final chapter called, “If We Could Meet.”

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Lillian Moats has once again produced a short work of great power. The author addresses leading issues of our age in a manner intended for contemporary readers, yet written as if she is addressing a hoped for reader in a distant future. With a realistic mixture of pessimism and optimism and remarkable sensitivity, understanding, and […]

Kathleen E. McCrone, PhD

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