Legacy of Shadows

Legacy of Shadows

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Legacy of Shadows

Author: Lillian Moats
ISBN: 0-9669576-0-1
LCCN: 98-96937
Genre: Fictionalized Memoir
Publisher: Three Arts Press
Publication Date: 1999
Price: $18.00 - ebook $4.95
Binding: Hardcover/ eBook
Pages: 192

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  • None of us is unaffected by the dreams and failures of our ancestors. In events played out before we are born, our stories have already begun.

    Legacy of Shadows explores the psychological impact of unresolved emotion passed down through generations.  Powerful and poetic, the book evolved from the author’s exploration into the hidden impact of family history on her own psychology. Set in motion by the death of a small child in 1904, the story moves from Lincolnshire, England, to Toronto, to New York, to Chicago; yet the true setting remains the interior landscape.  Revealing the private perceptions of a mother, daughter and granddaughter in turn, Moats offers readers an intimate perspective from which to consider how we become the people we are.

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    “This book will hold its readers close and tight, will teach them its remarkable, affecting and important lesson: that experiences live and last over a family’s generations as memories that shape hearts and minds.”

    Robert Coles, M.D.

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