Legacy of Shadows

“This book will hold its readers close and tight, will teach them its remarkable, affecting and important lesson: that experiences live and last over a family’s generations as memories that shape hearts and minds.”

Robert Coles, M.D.

Research Psychiatrist, Harvard University Health Services. Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Moral Life of Children.

“Moats’ sequencing of scenes and gift for metaphor and distillation render her psychologically acute narrative as supple as film without sacrificing the beauty unique to language.”

Donna Seaman


August, 1999

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Legacy of Shadows … Its genre, a novel written as if a journal. Its pace, compelling. Its images and descriptions, haunting. … Does Lillian Moats give us a way to look into the lives of our mothers and grandmothers, or fathers and grandfathers, and solve the mysteries of our lives, our foibles and successes? Yes, I think so. …”

Virginia Christine Summers


January-February 2000

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“What [Moats] has achieved in the form of a novel is the wildest dream of anyone who enters therapy – a view of oneself so lucid it reaches back beyond birth to the generation that bore the generation that bore you.”

Michael Miner

Senior Editor


May 7, 1999

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“Moats has performed an act of remarkable courage and generosity that is likely to be of immense benefit to more readers than she would ever have imagined. Legacy of Shadows is no less than a great gift; a beautiful and profoundly moving tapestry of crisis and connection, forgiveness and healing.”

Kathleen McCrone, Ph.D.

Executive Dean, College of Arts and Human Sciences, University of Windsor

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“… Sensual, evocative, disarming, Legacy of Shadows speaks to our imaginations and our hearts, our spirits, our souls. …”

William C. Ayers

Professor of Education / Senior University Scholar, University of Illinois at Chicago. Author of A Kind and Just Parent

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“If psychiatric case histories could include the poetic imagery and richness of metaphor that seems to flow so easily from Lillian Moats, I think we would be better communicators, maybe also better healers.”

Robert C. Murphy, M.D.

Psychiatrist. Author of Psychotherapy Based on Human Longing and The Unconscious

“… In one slim volume Lillian Moats has taken me on a journey that visits the constraint of despair and the release of hopeful possibility. …”

William H. Schubert, Ph.D.

Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago. Vice-president, American Educational Research Association

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“In Legacy of Shadows, Lillian Moats writes prose-poetry that will intrigue you with its exquisite beauty. ‘Touching, evocative and engaging,’ critics will say of Legacy of Shadows.  I know, as a family educator and theorist, one could have no more articulate parent-education text than the intensely poignant Legacy of Shadows.”

Alice R. McCarthy, Ph.D.

President, Center for the Advancement of the Family

Legacy of Shadows is an unusually revealing story of the stark emotional vulnerabilities and radical healing possibilities that come with being human.  Deeply moving and extremely well written, the story inspires us toward liberating new levels of self-awareness, courage, and individuation from our family of origin.  May we all take heart in our capacity to live and love as the people we actually are.”

Marty Dybicz, Ph.D.

Psychologist in Private Practice, Kansas City