Speak, Hands

“A simply fascinating read from beginning to end, Speak, Hands is intensely personal, intellectually stimulating, emotionally rewarding, and a uniquely crafted materpiece of creative non-fiction.”

Margaret Lane


January, 2007

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Speak, Hands is beautiful and mysterious and very moving.”

Donna Seaman

Author of Writers on the Air and In Our Nature

“Once again, Lillian Moats takes her readers on a profoundly moving voyage of self-discovery. The destination is healing and understanding, one might even say, peace – for herself personally, and for the privileged companions who accompany her. Through her eloquent prose and poetry and her compelling, dexterous manifestations of voice, she shares her pain, explorations, insights, and revelations. Speak, Hands, like Legacy of Shadows, is an uplifting story of the triumph of the human spirit.”

Kathleen E. McCrone

Executive Dean, College of Arts and Human Sciences, University of Windsor

“In a culture that privileges the analytic and the abstract, the lens of reason most of all, Lillian Moats, never denying the power of intellect, has the courage to follow the emotional and intuitive toward insight and revelation. In Speak, Hands, she shows us the incalculable value of the journey – stretching, plunging into the unknown, pulling ourselves forward – as she illuminates the wisdom of the body, the power of the hands, whose only rule is to reach.”

William Ayers

Distinguished Professor of Education, Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago

“The journey on which Lillian Moats takes the reader is one of emotional healing through embodied understanding. Poetically written and beautifully designed, varieties of print and format styles make vivid and compelling the insights of Moats’ hands, her inner world, and her external dialogue with others. While Speak, Hands (and Legacy of Shadows, before it) would be invaluable to those who seek healing, it offers great worth to anyone who wishes to deepen self-understanding, or to help others do so.”

William H. Schubert

Chair of Curriculum and Instruction, Senior University Scholar, University of Illinois Chicago

“In her creative and courageous book Speak, Hands, Lillian Moats offers us challenge and inspiration.”

Sue Bender

Author of N.Y. Times best seller Plain and Simple, Stretching Lessons, and Everyday Sacred