Hope, a Myth Reawakened

“Drawing on impressive knowledge, Hope: A Myth Reawakened weaves a compelling tale about the ingredients essential to there being hope for humanity’s future, despite the myriad daunting problems facing the contemporary world. … Certainly Moats knows what matters, and by the end of her insightful narrative, many readers, their consciousness and concern awakened, will too.”

Kathleen E. McCrone, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Windsor

Lillian Moats aspires to reawaken in us a sense of hope in an age dominated by confusion, trepidation and despair. Her allegory seduces readers into serious reflections on the nature and sources of hope. The language herein is inviting, the insights are abundant, and the suspense is captivating. Perhaps you will detect, as I did, hints of Dante and Plato as the author engages Hope and Despair in constructive dialogue. This book is inspiring, and you are to be envied if you can find something better to do than to read it.

Loyal Rue

Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion

Luther College

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Lillian Moats draws upon mythology, philosophy, literary and aesthetic traditions, and life experience to construct a unique poetic book that expands readers’ understanding of the intricate, contradictory, and surprisingly complementary relationship between hope and despair. By personifying these qualities, Moats challenges readers to envision genuine hope that transcends its imposters. Her portrayal is an original blend of philosophy, fantasy, and artistry that urges humans to look clearly at the evidence for despair and re-create possibilities for a better world. I hope in her HOPE.

William H. Schubert

Retired Professor and University Scholar

University of Illinois at Chicago

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