Gate of Dreams

“If you’re looking for a beautifully illustrated book of original stories, The Gate of Dreams is your answer.”

Karen McPherson

Scripps-Howard News Service

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“… an excellent collection for family read-alouds, for classroom use … and for the sheer pleasure of readers of any age.”

Denise Perry Donavin

Editor, American Library Association Best of the Best for Children

“The stories have a pleasing old-fashioned mood, which is accented by the exquisite illustrations … dainty, beautifully proportioned, finely detailed silhouettes done in black on white and scattered across the pages; at any moment they seem ready to leap into action.”

School Library Journal

“The illustrations … resonate with the stories in a pleasing way that makes the reading of them more than words – a rich visual-verbal experience.  The World of children’s literature can be grateful that Lillian Somersaulter Moats has graced the medium of print.”

David Sohn

Editor, Ten Top Stories: An Anthology for Young Adults, Bantam Books

“… fine black-and-white silhouettes, which convey an impressive range of emotions… lend the tales a timeless quality.”

Publishers' Weekly

“The wonderful stories in The Gate of Dreams are for all of us – regardless of age – who need only sylphs, sprites and a little magic to trip our most precious childhood fantasies.”

Neal Shine


The Detroit Free Press

“… Moats’ writing is exquisite and reflects the style of traditional fairy tales … I would like to see this book get into the hands of as many young readers as possible.”

Paula Moore

Manager, Youth Services Dept., Arlington Heights, IL Memorial Library