Midwest Book Review - January, 2007

“Lillian Moats is a writer, artist and filmmaker whose animated art films have won more than 40 distinguished awards in festivals around the world.  Speak, Hands: A Meditation on Memory and the Unconscious is a kind of literary memoir in which she questions the very nature of memory while conveying her extraordinary personal and creative struggle to express her artistic conceptions.  Moats employs a complex narrative structure using four inner voices which challenge the distinctions between mind and body, subject and object, conscioiusness and the unconscious.  A simply fascinating read from beginning to end, Speak, Hands is intensely personal, intellectually stimulating, emotionally rewarding, and a uniquely crafted materpiece of creative non-fiction.  Also very highly recommended are her two earlier books: Legacy of Shadows (Three Arts Press, 1999) and The Gate of Dreams (Cranbrook Press, 1993, 1996) both of which are available from Three Arts Press.”

Margaret Lane


January, 2007